We are finally at the end of our AACR 2017 post meeting analysis and coverage with the final interview from Washington DC on deck. Timely wise, it’s actually quite a relevant one given the news last week on mixed results with clinical trials involving checkpoint blockade.

Dr Jeff Engelman AACR17

Just as we learned that immunotherapy agents can stop working over time, as well as the majority of patients don’t respond at all to begin with, there are concerted research efforts ongoing by both academia and industry to explore mechanisms of immune escape, resistance and modulating the tumour microenvironment.

Here we explore the intersection of targeted therapy-IO combinations, resistance and immune escape, transcription factors and other interesting new areas of development.

Also included is commentary from a leading KOL, which is NOT available on the recent Novel Targets podcast episode on overcoming immunotherapy resistance – readers should check that out first before reading this article, as this is more advanced.

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