It’s Day 1 of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco

San Francisco Trolley CarIn light of the success of our rolling blog from last years’ JPM conference (link to #JPM17 coverage), we’ve decided to repeat the concept again this year.

Throughout the day (schedule permitting) we’ll be updating the post with commentary around news from San Francisco that catches our attention.

If you want to follow along yourself and listen to the company presentations, here’s the link to the JPM18 webcasts and conference agenda (link).

As an aside, in our coverage we will be using JPM followed by the last two digits of the year of the meeting i.e. #JPM18, last year it was #JPM17, and the year before that #JPM16. This is how the “BioTwitter” community commonly refers to the meeting, and we will be continuing that tradition, notwithstanding the fact that JP Morgan have announced a different “official” Twitter hashtag.

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