If there is one topic that has proven to be rather controversial over the last decade or so, it has been the CD47 and signal-regulatory protein (SIRPα) pathway.

What originally started out as a basic research project at the NIH and then academia has long since morphed into a highly competitive mini landscape of its own with multiple small and large biotech companies pursuing preclinical and clinical research in the space.

Are they going to be flying high or experiencing a bumpy landing?

In our latest 3-part mini-series, we take a look at the underlying biology, followed by separate posts on the companies in the landscape and finally, a company interview to highlight this growing field of oncology R&D.

We first posted a snippet on this pathway back in 2009 and much has happened since then. How much of the attention is hype over hope? Is the target a valid one? Where is the research heading in 2018 and beyond?

To start the ball rolling, we begin at the beginning with a look at the science…

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