2018 is likely to be the year of various immunotherapy combinations as we go beyond monotherapy approaches to see which doublets or triplets will yield improved outcomes. Originally, we had expected to see key data last year, but moving overall survival to a co-primary endpoint with PFS in many studies delayed the readouts by 12 or more months.

SGO 2018 – Who dat?

What’s happening now is that we have started to see some of the early data trickle out and there’s much more to come in the next few months as we head into ASCO and ESMO.

The last two months have seen much attention on lung cancer, but what about a less hyper-mutated tumour types such as ovarian or endometrial cancers? What’s happening in these women’s cancers?

Going beyond monotherapy with PARP inhibitors or checkpoint blockade is important if we truly want to start pushing the survival curves upwards and to the right.

It’s time for a new update on this hypercompetitive niche…

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