Munchen – It’s been a very busy meeting at ESMO18, and not all of the data presented has portended good news for everyone. That’s inevitable in oncology, where it is routinely the case that there are more pipeline failures than successes to write about – cancer is a complex, tough and often aggressive disease.  This situation is undoubtedly not helped by over-eager enthusiasts believing data to be better than it is and being disappointed when those expectations are not met.

The early conference bird catches the worm

For those of you wanting to catch up on our highlights (and lowlights) including commentary for context, the links below will take you to the daily updates.

I will say upfront that some of the perspectives shared will be controversial, as I don’t particularly happen to agree with many armchair QBs who hastily skim abstracts and superficially dismiss developments without understanding the science or the details contained therein.

Be warned these are not short one pagers, so grab some coffee and enjoy a detailed read, as we walk people through the daily data tsunamis:

In the meantime, there’s yet more compounds and studies to review, which we will be adding to throughout the day as part of the latest live running blog…

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