SITC Phase 1 Review Part 1 – It’s time for a two-part mini-series on recent phase 1 clinical trials and how to interpret the findings.

Are we at a crosswords with IO combos?

As a former new products development professional, this is something that I’m particularly enthusiastic about.

While it is fascinating to see other people’s reactions to early oncology trials, these should often be taken with a very large pinch of salt, in my view.

In Part 1, it’s time to take a step back and understand not only what companies are doing, but also how they set the trials up and what they are looking for. We highlight some examples of data readouts to illustrate the points.

In Part 2 on Monday we take a rock around the clock at some of the other recent phase 1 readouts and explain what we can learn from what was presented. The devil is often in the small details that many observers miss at first glance.

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