Imagine being becalmed on boat in the doldrums patiently waiting for the wind to pick up…

Just as experienced sailers learn to make best use of the available knowledge on sea breezes, tides, tidal winds, catspaws, headsails, heels, genoa etc, so immunologists are experimenting with various modalities.

This enables them to develop a more extensive knowledge base before they can use all the available tools more effectively at their disposal in order to chart a course in each tumour type and setting.

That’s a tremendous amount of information and skills that needs to be gathered before we can even consider racing against competition. So it is with cancer immunotherapy, with all its different approaches that are available to combine or sequence in a multitude of tumour types. We are still largely in the unknown unknown stage of figuring things out.

That said, each cancer conference brings new nuggets and gems that on their own do not appear to offer much, but added together in the broader picture can contribute more than many observers realise.

That was certainly the case with our latest update on IO therapies, as you will see…

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