Atlanta – what’s exactly behind a poster board mobbing at AACR?

AACR19 Poster Hall

Is there some science or rationale behing the attention or is it something quite quirky and unexpected?

That was the critical question we wondered about as we traversed the poster hall sessions over the last few days and noticed the certain posters received more attention than others:

  • Why was this?
  • Is there a rhyme and reason to it?
  • Which ones were actually mobbed?
  • Is the attention justified?

If you’re curious like we were, then this is the post for you.

We highlight several posters from the AACR19 conference that received a noticeable amount of traffic and in future posts we will highlight those we consider to be gems from the poster halls and explain why, which… wasn’t necessarily quite the same thing (as being mobbed).

So without much ado, which ones were in the spotlight by AACR attendees this year?

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