Henry Moore sculpture – looks like a protein binding pocket!

Cambridge, UK – It’s somewhat ironic that we headed across town today to chat with one of the world’s leading cell biologists on MYC and RAS with a post on KRASG12C inhibitors almost ready in the bag. More on that interview in a future mini-series.

There are a number of nuances and subtleties involved in this niche, which have been somewhat lost in the frantic hype over hope melêe of late.

This review discussing KRAS and various other co-mutations such as LKB1/STK11 is a long and thorough one,, and perhaps rather contrarian in nature.

That said, I do feel that it is very important to highlight a lot of issues that are being ignored in the rush to declare the latest expected winners and losers or even potential blockbusters, if the breathless signals are to be believed.

If nothing else, there are certainly several key issues that could have a bearing on the clinical results in patients that are worthwhile highlighting for discussion and adding to the watch list because some of these factors may well take time to develop.

This is one of those ‘Ground Control to Major Tom – take your protein pills and put your helmet on’ moments… Actually, I may well be needing the helmet as protection if the analysis and commentary turn out to be unpopular!!

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