Gah, if only we hadn’t enrolled allcomers in our study, the differences would have been so much bigger!

Barcelona – This is the day when many people get absolutely walloped by exhaustion at ESMO even after three double espressos – if you’re still going strong then I commend your stamina and fortitude!

This is a big day for several companies with important phase 3 trial readouts due to be presented at the conference today.

One in particular is the phase 3 PROfound trial exploring the role of the PARP inhibitor, olaparib, in HRD+ advanced prostate cancer.

Beyond the top line findings (the PFS endpoint was met) there are a LOT of subtleties and nuances to consider so we have an analysis to share of some of the pitfalls and potential issues that may be missed in the hurly burly and noise.

Are you ready?

There’s a lot to think about today, not just in PROfound, but also quite a few other studies have been put under the microscope too.

Here we go unto the breach, my friends…

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