As we continue to follow the emerging KRAS niche longitudinally, we can easily imagine the kind of roller coaster ride that ensues with new product development in oncology R&D.

Early last year we posted an interview with Mirati’s CEO, Dr Chuck Baum, discussing their selective KRASG12C inhibitor.  A year on much has happened in the intervening time – additional competitors and potential collaborators have entered the clinic, a few mechanisms of resistance identified, and numerous combination partners have been suggested.  The company have also aired their own phase 1 data and new trials are expected to open during 2020.

This time around we talk to both Dr Baum and the company’s CSO, Dr James Christensen, about their experiences in the front line in terms of translating the preclinical data into clinical trials, their thoughts on important scientific data as well as the competition, and what to watch out for going forward.

This field is going to not only go fast judging by the emerging research published to date, but it’s also going to get way more complicated than many observers realise.

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