Not in Chicago: We continue our ASCO coverage with a look at the evolving TIGIT landscape and the initial tiragolumab data in lung cancer.

With all the breathless hype of late one wonders if some observers believe (accompanied by loud trumpeting of horns) this is the next big checkpoint target after CTLA-4 and PD(L)1, but is it?  The field has barely got started with a raft of new trials opening to evaluate several molecules in different combinations across solid tumours, and yet we have something of a fanfare already.

Will TIGIT roar and fire up the immune system in some people with cancer or will it fizzle out?

To those of us familiar with new product development and early stage development the ‘hot’ status is likely leaving us somewhat bemused at the noise around the emerging targets, after all it’s going to be a long while before we see those all important phase 3 readouts with appropriate head-to-head comparisons.

In this latest article, we take a look at the Genentech antibody, tiragolumab, and also discuss the development with a company executive to gain their perspectives, insights and rationale on what was behind the recent trial expansions beyond the phase 1 study in advanced solid cancers.

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