Not in Madrid – Saturday was an incredibly busy day at ESMO20 with live oral presentations on multiple channels and the first of the Presidential Sessions.

TDF London 2014A conference can be like watching the Tour de France (TdF) which ends this weekend. If you’re standing on the route, you wait a long time for it to come along and then the peloton passes by in a flash. We experienced this in London back in 2014, where there was only a brief moment of time to capture the memory.

Like the TdF, cancer drug development is a team sport that takes place in a dynamic, competitive environment with moments of individual brilliance.

Yesterday at the ESMO20 virtual congress we listened to presentations, discussions, Q&A, interacted with experts, and put together two separate highlights posts, which captures the day so that BSB readers will not have to worry the Congress will pass them by.

When we were all going to live meetings, we anecdotally heard many people in Pharmaland used our conference coverage for writing their trip reports or getting a sense of the nuances around key trials, especially if they were in company meetings most of the time!

If you’re looking to get a picture of what was at ESMO20 then then do consider purchasing access. We put up a paywall seven years ago in September 2013 as a novel way to fund independent science journalism. Thanks to everyone who has been part of a journey that continues on.

In part 1 of our coverage of Saturday at ESMO20, we review and discuss some of the new developments in the breast cancer niche (catch up with part 2 covering key topics in lung, renal and urothelial cancers)…

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