One of the inevitable aspects of a new year is a fresh start and spring cleaning attitude to almost everything. This is also true of oncology R&D too – there are also a lot of cool ideas out there, which can get lost in the noise and hullabaloo of life, especially when the political climate is attracting much attention or distraction.

Shining a light on protodrugs

In our latest mini-series we have been chatting with a variety of academic and company executives about their perspectives on emerging novel and innovative technological approaches in cancer therapeutics.

The examples chosen for this series encompass a wide variety of different approaches from chemotherapies and targeted therapies all the way to cell and gene therapies. I can tell you now that some of them are so out-of-the-box they may have an real element of surprise and aura about them.

It’s time to shine a light and lift up new ideas challenging old dogma.

Perhaps surprisingly, some of these cool approaches may also have the potential for intersection and overlap with each other, as today’s intriguing example illustrates…

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