Lugano is such a glorious place to hold a cancer meeting!

You can tell how much fondness attendees and presenters have for a meeting location when many start off their talk with a shot of the scenery and remember fond times of past conferences.

Lugano and the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (iCML) – held every two years in odd numbered ones – is clearly one such event.

It is here where we learn about the broader context in terms of how various phase 3 trials truly fit in the landscape and whether or not they are practice changing, what the skinny is on a raft of new products in a given category from practitioners in the trials, including problematic or emerging side effects, or how agents might be more effective in one particular subset but not another, and so on.

This year’s meeting is no different despite the virtual nature of the event.  After a couple of recent on-line meetings were a bust due to an inability to host the volume of attendees, one might be forgiven for being a tad nervous this one might go the same way – but these fears were not realised, I’m delighted to say!

Instead, we were treated to a very well organised event with a series of high quality talks and posters on a variety of lymphoma related issues, including rapid turnaround for the on-demand recordings the next day for any sessions one missed.

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