Years ago it used to be that whenever we mentioned hematology trials or new products in development outside of the ASH meeting there was a distinct drop off in attention… with the blossoming of many new therapetic approaches, oh my, how things have changed!

Lymphoma cells  Source: NCI / Dr Lance Liotta’s lab

As we segue between the EHA and iCML conferences I wanted to highlight a couple of important developments, which may well have disappeared off many people’s radar.

As we gather additional clinical evidence with more patients and longer follow-up at therapeutic doses over time, I find myself struck by how much these oft forgotten agents might actually have some legs, meaning they look promising enough to be considered as potential approval candidates.

Obviously a randomised controlled phase 3 trial will likely be needed at some point, but given the attractiveness of the data so far, more observers would do well to pay attention to these compounds, especially as they are not from companies we traditionally think about about in terms of hematological malignancies.

These two selections have grown quite a bit since the first-in-human trials with noticeably much more robust data to evaluate and consider…

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