New product development and early phase anti-cancer agents have been very much a focus on BSB (and PSB before it) since their inception.

It’s fascinating to realise one of the compounds selected for review in this article has its origins in a much one earlier trial with serious incidents we saw in a trial in novel volunteers with a different company and product and originally inspired the beginning of our scientific writing in 2006.

By an interesting quirk of history, the first time we wrote about PARP inhibition was in the same year and now it is one of the selections in the ASCO plenary today.  You can read more about the olaparib OlympiaD trial write-up here, proof that all successful products eventually started off in developmental therapeutics at some point in their early career!

In this latest review, we selected eight anti-cancer compounds currently undergoing phase 1/2 trials and put them through their paces… some are more positive than expected, some were downright disappointing, some were off to an encouraging start, others the count is out until we see more robust data.

How is the report card looking this year?  Some reflections and thoughts to consider…

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