Where are we headed in the KRAS niche? Who are the new emerging players?

One of the most fascinating and intense sessions at the AACR-NCI-EORTC conference this weekend centred around the KRAS niche.

I think for too long many observers have focused on only two companies developing selective inhibitors and yet it is clear we have much to do in terms of improving outcomes for the majority of patients since some will be resistant upfront and not respond at all, while others will develop resistance over time.

What then?

The good news is there is a wealth of novel approaches and also quite a few other companies active in this space, as well as next generation inhibitors also coming along.

Just as the odds-on favourite doesn’t always win the Grand National – there are drug equivalents of Becher’s Brook after all – what looked liked long shots to many a mere two years ago at TARGETS19, are now looking more encouraging.

There’s all to play for and so it’s time for us to offer some perspectives and insights on a raft of new developments in the KRAS niche…

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