Time to consider new horizons in the IO niche?

Over the last five years or so we have seen how the immuno-oncology (IO) space has been transformed by both checkpoint blockade and CAR-T cell therapies in solid tumours and hematologic malignancies, respectively.

A raft of other targets are also being tested in various combinations to address additional inhibitory checkpoints, various immune agonists from cytokines, stimulatory checkpoints, TLRs and so on, as well as inhibitory factors inducing a more hostile tumour microenvironment.

What about the quality of the T cells at baseline?

The number of approaches seriously exploring this issue have been surprisingly few and far between, which creates new opportunities for companies seeking to take up this challenge.

In our latest expert interview series, we talk about the science around T cell dysfunction and what a young biotech are doing with some innovative ideas to address a common issue faced by many people with advanced cancer…

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