It’s time to go through the keyhole and take a look at progress with the KRASG12C inhibitors beyond lung cancer.

Years ago, there really wasn’t much hope in pancreatic cancer – it was an area big Pharma avoided because just about nothing worked well.  But those were the days of chemotherapy and promiscuous dirty kinases akin to a blunderbuss approach.

As we learn more about the biology of the disease and develop more selective inhibitors against oncogenes known to be active, have things improved at all?

In our latest cancer conference Preview, we pivot from a cell therapy meeting to the ASCO plenary series and take a look at how Amgen’s sotorasib is doing outside of lung cancer, an area where Mirati’s adagrasib was thought by some to have an advantage.

It’s always tricky to make judgment calls on the basis of a few patients in a catch all phase 1 trial – sometimes it’s better to wait until there’s a larger sample in a given cohort before rushing to declare winners and losers.

Often though, the data is something of a kaleidoscope – it depends on which angle or lens you view the data from.

In this post we include some expert reaction and commentary too…

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