All aboard for some new directions in oncology new product development!

This is one of those posts where we may have to re-jig the title as ‘New directions against formerly intractable oncology targets’ – if all goes well in the clinic.

In past years at AACR, we have written a series of different previews ahead of the meeting highlighting key areas of oncology new product development.

They might include different targets, modalities, targeted or immunotherapies, emerging science, what’s new in basic or translational science, biomarkers of interest and so on.

At least one of the series will explore an early novel target of interest, which is the focus of today’s post.  It includes research from academia, big pharma and small biotechs in a thriving and evolving niche with a mix of inhibitors and degraders.

This is also an area which rarely receives much attention, probably because it’s too early for many observers and the science isn’t particularly easy to understand either.

In this review, we’ve attempted to summarise and condense some of the main emerging themes around this particular target with a look at what are the potential keys to success, where companies are at with their pipelines, and importantly, what to watch out for at AACR next month…

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