We’re at the point in time in the cancer conference calendar where we are rolling out AACR analyses and interviews while also highlighting relevant ASCO abstracts to watch out for.

As a result, I always tend to think of May as the ‘mish mash’ month, to put things in Brit speak.

This isn’t necessarily a negative connotation, by the by, rather it’s a great opportunity to highlight some developments in different niches which tended to be overlooked.

Sometimes new data allows us to put a more coherent picture together or set boundaries around the corporate messaging.

To kick start our ASCO coverage, we’ve taken five phase 1 trials and looked at the pros and cons of each in the context of the underlying science – some come out strongly or understated, others much less so.  It’s important to understand the underpinnings in order to avoid being sucked into the inevitable hype machine accompanying abstracts at this event…

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