Many thanks for your interest in a large group corporate license to BSB premium content.

We already have several companies who have obtained a corporate license that allows staff in multiple countries and diverse parts of their organization, including senior management, business development, and translational scientists to read BSB.

Please note, all users in a multi-user license must be employees of the company or an affiliate and have a company email address. You cannot give access to anyone external to the company, such as consultants, PR agency etc as part of your group license.

Typically, for a large group license there’s a dedicated point of contact who can handle billing, any cross-charging that might be necessary and who is a point of contact for internal users. We’ve worked with people in project management and library services who’ve accomplished this role, so if you’re not that person then do think about who might do this.

To generate a custom quote we’d need to have an idea of the range of users you are looking at. Each person who wants to read BSB has their own login ID and password and content cannot be shared with others unless an additional sharing license is purchased.

For large groups we usually offer a tiered pricing model, whereby the fee per designated user becomes less as you add more users, until we reach a minimum price point, after which any additional user is at a fixed price, no matter how many more you add.  This approach gives you the flexibility to go up a tier or add further users later and then only pay the incremental discounted rate.

If you are looking at 1,000 or 10,000 users the numbers would be different, but the concept would be the same.

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy exclusively applies to the purchase of any license. The company and all the designated users agree to be bound by these Terms, so do check them out. We’re always happy to set up a teleconference to answer any questions about what you can and cannot do with our content.

If you would like a virtual tour please let us know. At our discretion for large groups who are considering a multi-user license we can offer a short-term paid trial to evaluate BSB content but this does come with restrictions on access to back content.

To obtain a custom quote for a discounted multi-user license, please provide us with your contact information, a description of your needs, and an idea of the number (or a range) of users who might be interested in accessing BSB, and we’ll go from there.

We look forward to hearing from you and to the prospect of welcoming you to BSB!

If you'd like to contact Blue Ice Publishing LLC about a multi-user corporate license please fill out the contact form below. We're not phone people. We're often traveling, at conferences or focusing on work. Email works best. We'll respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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