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One of the delights of going to a major medical/scientific meeting such as the recent European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress in Barcelona is that there often meetings going on around it, which offer unique and novel perspectives.

For example, on the Thursday before ESMO19 there was a one-day workshop on “Breaking through emergent immunotherapy and immune targets in cancer.”

Dr Manel Juan Otero presenting at the FLS Science symposium

Organized by FLS Science, it took place at the Casa de Convalescència in Barcelona. The program featured a mix of Spanish immunologists and clinicians, along with some leading US researchers including Dr Tom Gajweski (Chicago) and Dr Antoni Ribas (UCLA).

It was definitely well worth attending and I encourage you to look out to see if the organizers run the again meeting before ESMO20 in Madrid next year.

One of the most interesting speakers at the meeting was Dr Manel Juan Otero (right) who heads up the section of immunotherapy at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.

In his talk, he spoke about the “Future Directions for CAR-T Therapy” in Spain, which turned out to be a dramatic one with unexpectedly broad European implications.

During a lunch break at the meeting, Dr Juan Otero kindly spoke to BSB about his plans, which could have an impact on commercial CAR T cell therapy companies such as Novartis and Gilead.

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We have followed the roller coaster development of the Bcl2 inhibitor, venetoclax (ABT–199/GDC–0199), for several years now.  There have been some lowlights along the way, but lately, things have been much rosier for AbbVie and Genentech as a more sensible dosing and patient management approach has been paying off.

Recently at ASCO and ASH, we have seen encouraging new data emerge in leukemia (AML and CLL), lymhomas (NHL), and even multiple myeloma.

New data has now emerged that looks quite interesting in another blood disorder. Today, we took a look at the data and also the potential implications for venetoclax’s development program.

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