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Not in Chicago: It’s that time of the year when my inbox rapidly fills up with folks wanting to know which were selections our winners and losers from the annual ASCO meeting.

Happy or surreal days?

There are several different ways we can organise this analysis such as Top 10 selections, by company, by trials, by product, by tumour type, by disease setting etc. The first is undoubtedly easier and shorter to write, but in general it’s really hard to pick five winners and five losers to debate and some years are more mixed in any case.

At BSB we almost rarely think about oncology R&D in terms of companies, stocks, or even individual studies per se, so this leaves organising products by tumour type and subsets.

In part 1 today we are going to focus on hematology and key developments in this area. What was under-rated, over-rated and what bombed?

There are several developments which made our short list and here we cover the highs and lows as well as a pithy ratings scale at the end. Be warned, there are likely a few surprises in store…

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San Francisco – This week is mostly about business news as pharma and biotech companies congregate around the JP Morgan Healthcare conference.

It’s JPM time!

As of today (January 13th) I think a lot of investor and journalistic observers have probably been rather disappointed with no news of any major M&A activity, as this seen as setting the tone for the year ahead. I don’t personally see things that way because there’s always plenty of interesting small deals, new early funding, new science and even newco’s forming.

Indeed, Allogene already announced a new clinical collaboration with SpringWorks Therapeutics to evaluate their investigational anti-BCMA allogeneic CAR-T cell wherapy with their gamma secretase inhibitor in multiple myeloma.  They clearly see this as one way to address the shedding problems that have led to relapse with BCMA therapies.

As in previous years, we have a rolling live blog each day at JPM to highlight some of the scientific and company findings that emerge during the meeting…

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