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For the final post in our mini series on the potential of gamma delta (γδ) T cells for cancer immunotherapy, we’re traveling to Scotland with a visit to a company that is a poster child for Scottish enterprise.

TC BioPharm Office Building

TC (as in T cell) BioPharm are leading the way in development of allogeneic γδ T cell therapies. They’ve already completed a trial of autologous γδ T cell therapy to establish safety and now have an allogeneic phase 1 trial underway in Prague.

TC BioPharm logoCEO and Founder, Dr Michael Leek, has built a company that already counts bluebird bio (NASDAQ: $BLUE) as one its partners (Link).

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Dr Angela Scott was part of the team that cloned the first mammal, “Dolly the Sheep.”

Angela Scott COO and Co-Founder of TC BioPharm

Dr Angela Scott, COO

She was recently profiled in The Herald (Link) and her cell therapy experience has been instrumental in the development of the company’s own GMP manufacturing facility in Scotland.

As the Herald article notes, the company is being positioned for a possible NASDAQ IPO in 2020, so is definitely one to watch out for.

We all remember catchy advertising slogans, and one I remember well is for the now defunct Orange mobile phone network in the UK: “The future is bright, the future is orange.”

If you’re TC BioPharm then maybe this could be construed as: “The future is bright, the future is allogeneic” (γδ T cells).

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HMS VictoryThe dog days of summer are usually quiet on the Pharmaland front, although this year has been a bit of an exception, being notable for a batch of deals being completed and announced already.

The cell therapy space is one area that has courted both controversy and new collaborations, for example. Nary a week seems to pass without something appearing in the news! This has proven pretty interesting for a number of subscribers, who write in asking plenty of astute questions.

Today’s questions from BSB readers therefore encompass allogeneic cell therapies and what’s going on in that fast moving dynamic space.  Not all of the announcements may be what they seem though, and some are much more riskier than others.

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