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We have covered BCMA-APRIL approaches in multiple myeloma for a couple of years now and it’s time for a much needed update and look at where this niche is.

The BCMA market is heating up

Beyond Bluebird’s bb2121 BCMA CAR T cell therapy, there are now a raft of different products across multiple companies including CARs, bispecific antibodies, and even ADCs.

What was a new target three years ago now is rapidly becoming a very crowded space indeed and the pressure will be on companies to differentiate their product in some way, otherwise they risk being a me-too or just another bowl of red chills…

As a new target is validated, it doesn’t take long for another ten companies to immediately try to capitalise on it in the ever increasing race to market with new product development.

Here, we take stock of where things are at.

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San Diego – after “Flying Friday” where I flew from Munich to San Diego, Biotech Strategy Blog coverage of the 2016 annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) is now done for another year.

Downtown San Diego during ASH 2016 With over 27,000 attendees – it’s the largest ASH annual meeting I’ve seen in 20 years of coming here!  ASH is definitely the pre-eminent global meeting for hematology and blood cancers.

As you might expect, the thought leaders at this event are super-busy, but we’ve already managed to catch up with a few, and we’ll be rolling out interviews in the “post-game show.”

Subscribers have been asking what’s really hot at ASH this weekend, so reflecting my interests and the sessions I went to, here are my seven highlights/learnings of ASH 2016 (so far). There’s a lot more data to come!

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