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Not in Chicago: It’s that time of the year when my inbox rapidly fills up with folks wanting to know which were selections our winners and losers from the annual ASCO meeting.

Happy or surreal days?

There are several different ways we can organise this analysis such as Top 10 selections, by company, by trials, by product, by tumour type, by disease setting etc. The first is undoubtedly easier and shorter to write, but in general it’s really hard to pick five winners and five losers to debate and some years are more mixed in any case.

At BSB we almost rarely think about oncology R&D in terms of companies, stocks, or even individual studies per se, so this leaves organising products by tumour type and subsets.

In part 1 today we are going to focus on hematology and key developments in this area. What was under-rated, over-rated and what bombed?

There are several developments which made our short list and here we cover the highs and lows as well as a pithy ratings scale at the end. Be warned, there are likely a few surprises in store…

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Gems from the poster halls yielded some fascinating novel approaches and new twists on old targets

In this latest post ASH review, we explore some intriguing early developments from several small and large companies alike, explain why they matter and why we should be interested in them.

Sometimes the wisdom of the crowds isn’t always the best indicator of what’s coming down the pike in terms of oncology pipelines.

Part of our cunning plan this year involved going to ‘off Broadway’ sessions where we thought others would skip in favour of a more obviously popular session (the ones in the big halls) and merrily tweet them so you could easily follow along in parallel while the smaller rooms rapidly filled up and quietly closed to those desperately trying to get in late.

Our selections here include several gems from the poster halls (imagine trying to just pick a few highlights out of 4,000 poster options?!), as well as a couple of oral presentations that were missed by many – not surprising given how jam-packed the schedule was with double and even triple choices of selections in parallel to choose from!

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