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We have two stories to share today from the EORTC-NCI-AACR Molecular Targets conference, which are posted separately owing to different embargo times.

The second posting later focuses exclusively on KRAS and Mirati’s turn in the spotlight.

Due to the embargo, it will not be available until 1545 hrs CET (1045 hrs ET) and will include some thought leader perspectives on the data.  I’ll add the link here in due course.

Developmental Therapeutics is often a cases of sunny days or stormy waters ahead…

Meanwhile, in the first post (below) we take a keen look at some of the new developmental therapeutics approaches coming through company pipelines.

Which ones shine might brightly and which ones lose their lustre?

As is often the case with early stage trials, translating rational science in preclinical setting doesn’t always translate well into the clinic when humans receive a therapy or particular combination of agents.

To this end, you might be surprised at how much PK/PD issues, half life, dosing/scheduling and other many other factors can severely impact the therapeutic window.

In this post, we look carefully at several targets we have been following preclinically for a while and finally initial clinical is either available or they are heading into the clinic – what can we learn from the presentations?

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It occurred to me after several such events this year that virtual meetings create a very different pattern for spectators from live events where we all dash from one hall to another trying to optimise the viewing experience and catch as many key talks as we can.

Gems from the ASCO Poster Halls

Instead of the annual rugby scrum in the ASCO poster halls, we can imagine ourselves in an entirely different world with social distancing virtually

Many people will no doubt be eager to listen to the various oral presentations of phase 3 data come Friday morning, while the poor posters may well languish until some undetermined time later, so why not take a step back and highlight some of the early work in developmental therapeutics ahead of time?

In the final part of our ASCO Preview series, we offer our independent take and candid commentary on ten abstracts in developmental therapeutics to watch out for.

A word of warning – we don’t take a particular perspective through the lens of rose tinted glasses, so not all the analyses are positive and there are some firm words against some of the selections regarding continued development or the researchers conclusions/recommendations.

Some of these are agents in early development, some are biomarkers or even emerging trends, but all are intriguing in their own unique fashion.

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SITC Phase 1 Review Part 1 – It’s time for a two-part mini-series on recent phase 1 clinical trials and how to interpret the findings.

Are we at a crosswords with IO combos?

As a former new products development professional, this is something that I’m particularly enthusiastic about.

While it is fascinating to see other people’s reactions to early oncology trials, these should often be taken with a very large pinch of salt, in my view.

In Part 1, it’s time to take a step back and understand not only what companies are doing, but also how they set the trials up and what they are looking for. We highlight some examples of data readouts to illustrate the points.

In Part 2 on Monday we take a rock around the clock at some of the other recent phase 1 readouts and explain what we can learn from what was presented. The devil is often in the small details that many observers miss at first glance.

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While many observers attentions have recently been focused on immuno-oncology of late, particularly with respect to checkpoint blockade and CAR T cell therapies, these are not the only class of drugs that are being investigated in the clinic.

Field of dreams or crowded marketplace?

We saw a lot of early preclinical data and especially got to see quite a few new targets at AACR, while next month ASCO offers a new opportunity to see inital phase 1 data presented in several developmental therapeutic sessions and in the poster halls.

There is no doubt that the oncology R&D niche is becoming increasingly competitive and crowded, which means that companies need to think carefully about how they can clearly differentiate themselves and position their platform much more assertively than before.

For small biotechs, this also means going beyond offering great preclinical packages to demonstrating proof of concept in the clinic, hence phase 1/2 trials are receiving a lot more attention these days, as potential collaborators and acquirers flock to the poster halls.

Today we have a CEO from one of these emerging biotech companies in the BSB hotseat with a candid discussion about their approach, why they are different, and importantly, where they are heading…

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