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It is becoming increasing obvious in these challenging times as the pandemic spreads globally that no corner of the earth (except perhaps the Antartica) is being left untouched.  As lockdowns begin or continue depending the phase the spread is at, this also has numerous implications for clinical trials, both academic and company funded studies alike.

Which direction should we be considering for early anti-cancer therapeutics?

One of the broader effects of the coronavirus pandemic likely means we won’t see much new data on many of the clinical trials after the currently scheduled presentations for AACR, ASCO, ESMO and ASH for a while yet, perhaps well in to 2021, which in turn is a strong reminder if we want to see how much progress is being made then we need to look at what data is available now.

I can well imagine many folks are already completely Zoomed or WebExed out from constant online meetings dealing with the implications of the pandemic on research and clinical development, as well as what happens to new and existing trials, so the idea of listening to two days of a virtual meeting on top is probably a bit daunting for the time-challenged observers amongst you.

AACR’s virtual meeting is a wonderful opportunity for smart folks to take some careful snapshots of where we are now, and how some of the early pipeline agents are shaping up.

The good news is we while your online internal meetings continue apace, we will be posting many reviews, summaries, discussion and analysis of the data here on BSB, hopefully sparing many of the additional stress in busy times. We plan to make the process of analysis and commentary relatively easy so you can follow along with us.

For reference, you can access all of our ongoing AACR20 conference coverage here. Future posts will also be added to this magazine page as they are posted.

In our fourth AACR Preview series, we take a keen look at some additional early products in development of interest, as we continue our updates on the never ending oncology R&D journey.

We highlight 10 emerging agents in early stage development to watch out for…some are new and others we previously reviewed preclinically and have moved along in their R&D journey into the clinic, with good and bad results to think about.

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DNA Damage Repair (DDR) has come a long way over the last decade or so from preclinical development through clinical trials, including some notable failures along the way. What began initially with PARP inhibitors, has now expanded into other related targets in the pathway, including ATM/ATR, WEE–1, Chk1/2, DNA-PK, and even Fanconi anemia genes such as FANCA/BC/D1, BRIP1 and PALB2, which are considered an indication of BRCAness where there is also chromosomal instability and homologous recombination.

Top 10 DDR targets and molecules at AACR19

At AACR last week, there was plenty to learn about in the ever-expanding DDR niche in terms of new data from a relatively new target such as DNA-PK to updated clinical data on WEE–1 and Chk1 inhibition to early data on PARP in a new tumour type to add to the growing list of ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers that are impacted by DDR therapies.

Included in this post are 10 key targets or molecules in the DDR niche that are of potential interest to readers – we explain why we included them and why the data matters.

Here we take a look at the highlights that we came across in this mini review, which should be useful preparation ahead of yet more clinical data likely being presented at ASCO and ESMO later this year.

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