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We are big fans of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting, it certainly is the global meeting for hematology! The quality of research presented is very high; it’s where you see groundbreaking and practice changing hematology data, sometimes from unexpected sources.

Last year brought us long lines, crowded escalators, and jam packed halls, especially for the niche sessions.  It’s hard to imagine any of these in pandemic these days, especially if someone were to start suddenly coughing and sneezing in the seat behind…

A bit of nostalgia from ASH19: Up close and personal

Will we all be together again for #ASH21? According to virology experts, we’ll need 70% of people (around the world, not just in one country!) to have had a COVID-19 vaccine before we can lower our masks and do away with social distancing.

Even if 70% of health care professionals are vaccinated, a not unrealistic figure if you look at the flu vaccine uptake, going to an in-person meeting means you still have to navigate the cumulative risk associated with airports, flights, hotels, ground transportation, plus eating out in an urban environment where the very visible inequality that exists in America means it is highly unlikely everyone you may come into contact with, directly or indirectly, will be vaccinated.

There’s also the uncertainty of how durable any vaccination is, raising the prospect that any COVID-19 vaccination is unlikely to be “once and done” – will we all need boosts six months later? The logistics for all of this are just mind blowing.

Despite the exhortations from ASH leadership that they look forward to seeing us in Georgia next year at #ASH21 and we should all plan to be there, as things stand we don’t recommend booking your flights to Atlanta and #ASH21 just yet.

BSB expects 2021 to be another year of virtual meetings!

Meanwhile, on with the business of exploring the emerging data from ASH 20.

In this latest post, we are highlighting a few of the presentations that caught our attention on the various bispecific antibodies and T cell engagers in advanced lymphomas and multiple myeloma…

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Lugano: This post offers a rundown and synopsis of a wide variety of lymphoma trials across different subsets coming out of the 15th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (iCML) being in Lugano, Switzerland this week.

Lugano is a glorious place to hold a meeting!

The meeting is held every two years on odd years, usually after the EHA conference.

As such, this review may well turn out to be a useful reference point for later offering background and context for the upcoming ASH meeting in December, since there will likely be additional trial updates and readouts in Orlando.

Some of the updates on the early phase 1/2 trials reference preclinical posters from old AACR meetings circa 2012–2014, which is why the Gems from the Poster Hall series can often turn out to be useful predictors of later clinical trials performance!

There’s a lot to cover and discuss this year and some intriguing developments under the radar…

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One of the interesting and exciting parts of major medical meetings such as the ASH annual meeting, held last month in San Diego, is hearing about new compounds in development.

When it comes to the treatment of aggressive lymphomas, there remains a high unmet medical need to improve the response rate to first line treatment, as well as offer better outcomes post relapse.

At #ASH16, we heard more about a novel ADC called polatuzumab vedotin (Genentech/Roche).

Preliminary safety and clinical data for polatuzumab plus obinituzumab in relapsed or refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) was presented in an oral session by Dr Tycel Phillips (University of Michigan).

Three posters were also presented showing early data in combination trials in R/R follicular lymphoma (FL) and diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL), as well as in first line DLBCL.

To find out more about the potential of this novel ADC, BSB spoke with Dr Michael Wenger, Senior Group Medical Director at Roche Genentech.

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John P. Leonard, MD is the Richard T. Silver Distinguished Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Weill Cornell in New York. He’s a Lymphoma specialist.

Dr John Leonard at ASH16

Like many hematologists, he’s embraced Twitter as way to share his expertise with others in the hematology community. You can follow him at @JohnPLeonardMD.

Over the last couple of years prior to the ASH annual meeting, Dr Leonard has highlighted 10 lymphoma abstracts that caught his attention. You can tell he gets excellent social media pickup by the fact he’s even generated a hashtag to make them easy to find: #Leonardlist and other hematologists generate conversations around his eagerly awaited picks:

In case you missed them on Twitter, and in the spirit of David Letterman, Dr Leonard took me through this year’s #LeonardList and thoughtfully explained in detail why each selection made the cut… for oncology watchers, the why is often more important than the what.

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The abstracts (apart from the late-breakers) for the 2016 annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (Twitter #ASH16) went live at 9am ET today. Link to 2016 ASH Abstracts.

ASH16 takes place in San Diego from December 3-6.

View of San Diego from ASH 2011In this initial post, I’m sharing my first impressions of what may be some hotly contested trials at ASH16 in San Diego, as well as a few intriguing abstracts with combination data that caught my attention.

With over 3,000 oral and poster presentations, all typically of a high quality, this by post by definition, is a highly subjective one.

After we’ve had more time to process the data, further ASH16 Previews will roll out over the next few weeks highlighting more key abstracts to watch out for by tumour type or treatment modality.

In-depth commentary and analysis will follow after we’ve heard or seen the data presented at the meeting.

I’ll be flying to ASH from the EORTC-NCI-AACR Molecular Targets meeting. Do say “hello” if you have plans to be in Munich or San Diego.

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The race to the be first to market in the United States with a CD19 directed CAR-T cell therapy is a bit like the America’s Cup Challenge Race Series – one boat/company is ahead and then another is ahead, it’s an ever changing and fluid situation…

Americas Cup Portsmouth

In this post, we’re looking at questions from subscribers – so what’s in the July BSB mailbag?

* CAR T Cell Therapy: Is the recent FDA hold – that came and went in record time, a setback to Juno? Who will win the CAR-T race to market in the United States? What is the market opportunity in Europe?
* Jounce/Celgene Deal: Celgene have a reputation for doing deals with innovative biotech companies, but then what? Is the Jounce deal a good one, or is it a value destroyer?

There are a few other questions in the mail bag, but the above gives you a flavour of some of the commentary in this post.

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