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It’s time for an extended update on the neoantigen space now that we have new clinical data to look at and discuss. There are a variety of approaches being evaluated in the clinic now, from adenoviral vectors to cell therapies to vaccines.

Indeed, we haven’t covered Moderna Therapeutics before as they were rather quiet in preclinical mode, but now they have some initial clinical data in cancer patients, we thought it would be nice to explore the company’s progress, as well as look at where they’re headed with their mRNA platform.

In the hotseat today, we take a look at the latest developments in the neoantigen vaccine field in terms of oncology settings and have an engaging company interview in the spotlight as well.

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Gritstone Oncology hit the ground running with a $102M Series A financing round back in October 2015. Any company that raises that amount of initial funding is on the radar as a company to watch, especially one in the cancer immunotherapy space.

Since the AACR meeting in DC, Gritstone have also hired Genentech’s Dr Raphael Rousseau as CMO (Link) and appear to be an exciting young company going places.

As attention on neoantigens increases, what is Gritstone’s strategy and where could they fit into the cancer immunotherapy landcaspe?

At AACR17 in DC last month, Dr Andrew Allen, President and CEO of Gritstone Oncology kindly spoke to BSB about his vision for the company.

This post is part of expert interview series (Link) and also forms part of our ongoing series on neonatigen based immuno-oncology.

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