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Earlier this week we highlighted how click chemistry technology has enabled the development of a protodrug platform with inert polymers for more targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs.

Similarly, another related approach we can consider to reduce unwanted adverse events is the prodrug concept. In this situation, a potent chemotherapy is activated in the tumour where it is most needed thereby reducing the toxic effects on normal cells and improving tolerability for people receiving the therapy.

Can prodrug technology deliver potent alkylator chemotherapy in a much more targeted fashion in the tumour?

One of the well known challenges and limitations associated with standard alkylating chemotherapies has always been the indiscriminate toxicities resulting from systemic administration – they impact both cancer cells and normal cells with impunity.

What if we could develop a more targeted chemotherapy approach?

This might be useful for some people with advanced cancer where a modicum of disease control is needed, so how would we go about achieving this aim?

Here’s one way to potentially accomplish the task…

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This weekend saw a variety of updated data presentations roll out from ASCO GI – think of the wide range of tumour types encompassing gastric, colorectal, liver, biliary, and pancreatic cancers.

What stood out from the crowd and why?

What are the threads and connections which might hold things together?

And why does KRAS keep cropping up in unusual and unexpected places?

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In our ESMO 2017 Preview series so far we covered our Top 5 immuno-oncology and targeted therapy abstracts to watch out for (the latter has been updated since it first posted so do check it out).

Now it’s time to turn to something completely different.

Castle Manzanares el Real, Madrid

Here we look at hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), including Blueprint Medicines FGFR4 molecule, BLU–554.

We first covered Blueprint back in February this year with a particular focus on GIST.  Quite a bit has changed since then, so it’s a good time for an update, especially in HCC now that they have data in Madrid.

In the context of the HCC landscape, what’s changing in this niche, what should our expectations be, and how is this market evolving since our last update?

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