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National Harbor, MD

With the abstract drop from the 2019 Society for the Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) meeting now available, what can we learn from some of the research slated for formal oral presentation this year?

Here in part one (posters will be reviewed tomorrow) we take a look at a mix of preclinical and early clinical studies that grabbed our initial interest from the oral presentations – they include the good, bad, and intriguing – to see exactly what can be learned from this year’s mix of abstracts?

The short answer is quite a lot.

Every year the what to watch out for preview is a popular one.  This year there are some surprises in store as well as some particularly important findings that BSB readers may well be keen to find out more about ahead of the conference later this week in order to maximise their thinking and avoid the inevitable brain-fry and fatigue that sets in on Saturday afternoon…

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We’re continuing our mini-series on cracking the ‘glyco-code’ with an interview with Dr Lieping Chen (Yale), one of the world’s leading cancer immunologists, someone who has taken basic science and translated it into a spin-off company, NextCure (NASDAQ: NXTC) and a new product (NC318) targeting Siglec-15 that’s already being evaluated in the clinic.

Will upregulation of Siglec-15 turn out to be key in some cancer patients?

What happens if you identify a novel target that is expressed in a subset of patients that’s key to resetting the immune response and overcoming the immuno-suppressive tumor microenvironment (TME)?

Not only that, but you can potentially use a biomarker to select the patients most likely to benefit from what we’re calling a ‘targeted immunotherapy’ that’s directed at overcoming a specific immune dysfunction or defect.

Think of it as like when you press the factory re-set button on your iPad or iPhone.

Over the course of the coming year, we expect to hear a lot more about the early clinical data for this novel approach so in this expert interview we’re talking to the founder about the science that’s propelling NextCure forward.

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