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It’s February 2nd, which means Groundhog Day in America. I was idly wondering how accurate the rodent Punxsutawney Phil was, after all, he’s got a 50:50 shot of being right or wrong.  Who knew someone had analysed the predictions already and what’s more – published them?!

Meanwhile we don’t need no predictions for today’s post, where we look at the evidence gleaned from several clinical studies in lung cancer and come to some important strategic conclusions about the findings.

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This is the second postcard in our mini-series on the emerging field of immunometabolism and the translational potential for cancer new product development.

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll be sharing six postcards from our journey, three of which are based around interviews with scientists at the forefront of research in this niche.

What did we learn about immunometabolism at AACR20?

In this latest post we’re taking a look at some of the signals at this year’s virtual AACR annual meeting, which as usual had a wealth of data on offer, offering as it does a window into the future of cancer drug development.

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The huge pile of interesting scientific papers yet to be read seems to breed overnight and one constantly feels like they’re 2,000 articles behind, even with spending Friday mornings attacking them with gusto.

This was as true in my PhD days as it is now. For a scientist, these represent a lifeline and an important necessity, rather than a luxury.

In the last journal club posting we covered some hot topics in cancer immunotherapy, so this one covers a very different topic, namely targeted therapies.

It’s a good time for a new journal club post, where we tackle some of the recent published literature in oncology and highlight some important new findings that could have an impact on cancer research and development.

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