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George Martin’s quote seems rather apt this morning as NextCure announced there was disappointing single agent activity with their Siglec–15 directed agent (NC318) in an ongoing phase 1/2 trial.

There were a couple of initial partial responses reported at SITC last year and now it may seem as if the wheels are falling off the wagon.

What can we learn from the latest update?

It turns out quite a bit…

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Some of the upcoming coming small biotechs caught our attention and may turn out to be future stars

National Harbor – There were quite a few gems in the poster halls and oral presentations from up and coming small cap biotechs at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) meeting this year.

Who were they and what did we learn from them?

In the latest part of our latest SITC coverage we highlight 13 presentations – 11 from small biotechs and 2 academic abstracts – that caught our attention, explain what’s intriguing about them and why they matter.

There’s not a single big Pharma included (unless as a reference point or given in combination) since the focus is mainly on up and coming companies with their novel approaches.

The list is quite selective and not at all random from a list of over 850 abstracts.

So what stood out and what was special about them?

Some of the selections are likely hidden sleepers that few will be familiar with… they also cover a wide range of approaches, targets, different modalities and even strategic intent.

Even if you were at the SITC 2019 meeting, increasingly there were more business meetings taking up valuable time than sessions attended, so this is a great way to catch all the highlights for your trip report 😉

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One of the expected highlights of the forthcoming European Society for Medical Oncology (Twitter #ESMO19) will be data for breast cancer immunotherapy.

In the first of our pre-ESMO19 previews we are taking a closer look at three breast cancer immunotherapy presentations that we think are noteworthy.

As a reminder, the abstracts are not yet available, so we’re not writing about data that’s not yet been presented, but instead are looking at why the presentations may be of scientific/medical interest, and what the questions we hope they will answer. In cancer biology as we heard from Professor Gerard Evan in a recent expert interview, it’s not about “what” happened, but “why”?

We have “boots on the ground” in Barcelona from Sept 27th to October 1st providing daily posts for BSB subscribers with our unique blend of data, analysis and commentary.

Do download the ESMO19 app if you want to check out what already looks like it will be a busy, informative and interesting congress in Barcelona. Hopefully the rain that struck the recent World Lung meeting in Barcelona will have gone away, leaving us with a sunny and dry spell one normally associates with Spain!

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We’re continuing our mini-series on cracking the ‘glyco-code’ with an interview with Dr Lieping Chen (Yale), one of the world’s leading cancer immunologists, someone who has taken basic science and translated it into a spin-off company, NextCure (NASDAQ: NXTC) and a new product (NC318) targeting Siglec-15 that’s already being evaluated in the clinic.

Will upregulation of Siglec-15 turn out to be key in some cancer patients?

What happens if you identify a novel target that is expressed in a subset of patients that’s key to resetting the immune response and overcoming the immuno-suppressive tumor microenvironment (TME)?

Not only that, but you can potentially use a biomarker to select the patients most likely to benefit from what we’re calling a ‘targeted immunotherapy’ that’s directed at overcoming a specific immune dysfunction or defect.

Think of it as like when you press the factory re-set button on your iPad or iPhone.

Over the course of the coming year, we expect to hear a lot more about the early clinical data for this novel approach so in this expert interview we’re talking to the founder about the science that’s propelling NextCure forward.

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