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One of the things that I’ve heard repeatedly over the last year is that many researchers want a better biomarker of response for checkpoint therapies than PD-L1 expression by IHC.

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Indeed, we could expand that statement more broadly to say that there’s a real need for a better predictive biomarker of response to any immunotherapy, since there are more approaches out there now and not just checkpoint blockade. Plus combinations are evolving, complicating things further.

Fair enough, but what’s happening in this space?  Anything, Bueller?

We’ve covered a few emerging ideas in the past, although they were based on retrospective analysis – usually with a small N – and remain to be validated in prospective clinical trials.

There’s quite a few groups now much more active in research in this space, from academia to industry.  This is a good time to take stock and look at some of the emerging technologies that might be making a splash later if the data pans out.

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One of the biggest challenges that many people have in cancer research is spottng opportunities in a cosntantly swelling sea of data.

That situation gets ever more difficult as the year and cancer conference season goes on and a raft of new data evolves from not just monotherapy studies, but also combination trials.

Add in numerous tumour types and patient subsets…

And then there’s another layer (or five) of additional sophistication from newly emerging targets, different approaches undertaken and novel ideas explored.

Who want’s to play 3D chess?

It’s a little bit like slowly peeling an onion, strip by strip, until we get to the heart of the matter. This can take time. Meanwhile, preclinical data at previous meetings that many barely noticed at the time comes back to be looked at in a fresh light with newly emerging clinical data. And we start to see things quite diffferently with this new information.

Talking on the onion, we decided to kick off our annual SITC series ahead of the event next month with a look at five key presentations that should be interesting and advance the field in terms of potential impact.

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