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A high tide marker stands out on the beach, what stood out at ASGCT20 for you?

As Covid–19 continues to exert its impact on the cancer conference schedule, the good news is that it isn’t a total wrecking ball effect as organisations turn to virtual meetings to enable researchers to share their work.

Some of the events we have ‘attended’ this year have been prerecorded in advance, while others have taken the form of live events. Having listened to both, I can say they have advantages and disadvantages either way.

To me, it doesn’t really matter if you are flexible and appreciate the effort the scientists are making to show their wares.

This week it’s the turn of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) to be in the spotlight with a truly ‘live’ meeting.

In the latest post, we focus on some key Gems from the Poster Halls…

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We often talk about ‘on-target off-target’ side effects, but what about the equivalent on-site off-the-reservation meetings?  I’m a big fan of these, it has to be said.

Spring time in Chicago feels more like… October – brrrr!

My first day at AACR18 in Chicago this year was sandwiched by two such events, one of those welcome to AACR moments – never mind the frigid weather – to be sure.

First off, you have to be on the relevant distribution lists to get invited, then hope the organisers accept your registration, such is the life of scientists on the dark side (journalism/media).

In the past, these off-reservation scientific events around AACR have been well run and very useful for picking up new companies or targets ahead of the mainstream news and this year I wasn’t disappointed.

One of the Previews that I didn’t get time to write up was on CAR T cell therapies because there was a huge surfeit of new companies, new targets and lots of unproven mouse data, which is a recipe for speculation without representation (of clinical data).  So on the basis that the good stuff will rise to the top, I figured that it might be more efficient to summarise an event instead, as past events have proven very useful in this somewhat singular approach.

We all know that we need to go beyond CD19 as a target in hematology malignancies, and that the promise in solid tumours is high, but data scant, so where are the gems to watch out for?

Here. we take a look at some up-and-coming approaches and companies to watch out for to cut to the chase for BSB readers interested in this space…

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On their blog earlier this month, the Broad Institute posted a nice piece wittily entitled, “Opinionome: What will be the next big –ome?

It included a chart exploring the main -omes and -omics, as well as suggestions from experts on what they saw as the next hot thing in this space.

university-of-copenhagenAn interesting thing that stood out to me in this timely piece was the complete and utter absence of the glycome and glycomics, which would be my answer to their provocative question – maybe not necessarily as the most hyped one  – but certainly as a very impactful one.

While in Copenhagen for ESMO, we took some time out to meet with a leading global expert in the obscure field of glycomics and had the pleasure of hearing what he had to say about this exciting field of research.

The research may impact not only our knowledge about how cancer progresses, but also how it can be used to design and devise better therapeutics, including CAR T cell therapies. The answers we heard may therefore surprise.

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