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Earlier this year we highlighted how machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data might have an earlier than expected impact on clinical decision making. Quite a few sceptics scoffed at this idea.

Since then we have seen some nifty examples emerge at various conferences relating to clinical analyses such as this one at ASCO, although there have been quite a few others.

AACR Tumour Heterogeneity 2020

This latest post isn’t about deep learning per se though, but rather how can we look at the tumour microenvironment differently in ways which might help us make better or earlier clinical decisions?

There are a quite a few high profile examples where the emerging research is starting to look helpful so it’s time to link all the loose ends and take a thoughtful look at what we can learn from a particular example involving a high profile study.

The results, some of which intuitively make sense and others are surprising, may give us some useful clues of where to start looking next in terms future therapeutic interventions…

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Barcelona: What makes a great scientist is not accepting conventional wisdom or dogma but instead thinking differently, pursuing what data generated truly means, and asking if we can do things differently as a result?

Gaudi architecture, Barcelona

Current success in immuno-oncology new product development has been built on basic research done twenty and thirty years ago, when many didn’t believe in leveraging the power of the immune system therapeutically.

At the ongoing European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) “Defense is the Best Attack” meeting in Barcelona this week, many experts in the IO field are sharing novel findings on what may lead to future insights.

What were some of the key take-homes?

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