One of the innovative areas of cancer immunotherapy is glycobiology, or targeting the sugars found on the surface of tumor cells or immune cells. There is a lot happening in this field around drug development, drug delivery and cell therapies.

Standing out from the crowd

It’s time to take a look at some of the targets around Siglecs (sialic acid-binding immunoglobin like lectins).

We’ve covered Siglecs briefly before in a discussion with Innate Pharma last year about their early pipeline agents, including a Siglec–9 antibody in preclinical development that was subsequently picked up by AstraZeneca.

Since then this space has blossomed with a number of companies rapidly vying for time, space, and attention, making it a good time to take a broader look at the evolving landscape

This primer sets the scene for our coverage on this emerging area in oncology R&D.

In a subsequent post, we have an interview planned with a thought leader at the forefront of translational research into targeting Siglecs.

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