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Blog Copyright & Use of Content

  • Copyright is Reserved. Copyright on all blog posts is reserved, and no information may be displayed, copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed or used in derivative works without the expression permission of the Publisher, except as permitted by law. Unless a license to share content is purchased, you are not permitted to share a copy of any post by any means.
  • No Copying, Sharing or Distributing of any Post is Permitted. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, download, post, broadcast, transmit, display or make content available to the public or within any company or organization, this including hosting or sharing content on a private server, or otherwise use Biotech Strategy Blog content in any way except for your own personal, non-public, non-commercial use. You also agree not to alter or create a derivative work from any Biotech Strategy Blog content except for your own personal, non-public, non-commercial use. The restriction on commercial or business related use does not apply to corporate/business-use licenses such as our titanium level subscription. All other restrictions outlined above do still apply with a titanium level subscription or corporate license: no content can be reproduced, copied, distributed, shared or any derivative work created with non-subscribers, unless a license to share content has been obtained. A titanium level subscription that permits use or a corporate license to Biotech Strategy Blog does not automatically include any of these rights; payment of an additional fee is required or access for additional users purchased. All those employed by for-profit organizations, including those working in the pharma, biotech, finance and related industries are required to purchase a titanium subscription. We do offer multi-user corporate licenses (and the more users, the greater the discount offered). We do reserve the right to modify/adjust retrospectively, without refund, the terms of any subscription made at the “gold” Academic/Non-Profit rate where in our sole discretion we think a titanium level subscription or corporate license is required. If someone purchases at the gold “academic/non-profit” rate, they have the burden to show that they are eligible and qualify for this rate. Prior purchases at the gold rate that was formerly a persona/individual rate including any renewals does not mean that you are entitled to purchase again at the gold rate or that we have waived any right to make a retroactive modification of subscription terms in the event we deem a titanium level subscription or corporate license is required. If any doubt as to what subscription level is appropriate or how best to cover your needs, please contact us.
  • No Use of Images. You agree not to download, display or use images that are published or hosted on Biotech Strategy Blog. You agree not to link directly to any image hosted on the server of this site e.g. by using html based links, commonly known as “inline links”, to cause an image hosted by Biotech Strategy Blog to be displayed on another web site.
  • No Internet Search Competition. You agree not to link to Biotech Strategy Blog or any of its content, irrespective of how the link is generated, in a way that may divert web traffic (whether intentional or not), and are not permitted to use the blog name, title of any posts or any content in a way that may lead any internet search services such as google to generate a link to another web site when this content or the blog is searched for.
  • No Framing is Permitted. You agree not to frame Biotech Strategy Blog within another web site or provide links to framed content. Displaying Biotech Strategy Blog on any other web site in a way that “frames” or surrounds a page with third-party content, materials or branding is expressly prohibited without an agreement in writing. This no-framing policy will be enforced to the fullest extent provided by copyright, trademark and contract law.
  • No liability for Errors or Omissions. You agree that the Biotech Strategy Blog, the author of any blog posts, the current blog Publisher and prior blog Publisher(s) will not be liable, under any circumstances and in any way, for any errors or omissions, loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of use of any content posted on this site.
  • DMCA Copyright Complaints. The Biotech Strategy Blog respects the intellectual property of others and requires that our users do the same.  In the event that you believe that your work has been copied or your intellectual property rights have been infringed, you should send the notice required by the DMCA to the designated DMCA agent: Pieter Droppert via email: pieter AT biotechstrategyblog DOT com.

Premium Content & Payments

  • Payment is required for Premium Content. Biotech Strategy Blog has implemented a paywall that restricts some content (“Premium Content”) to those who have paid a fee for access. Payment will only be accepted via the payment options indicated. Biotech Strategy Blog and it’s Publisher, Blue Ice Publishing LLC does not have access to any financial information (such as credit card details) and processes all payments through PCI compliant third party payment processors acting as agents. Currently we use Stripe to process credit card payments made through the website and Paypal for credit card payments where we manually generate a custom invoice. At our discretion we accept payments for multi-user corporate subscriptions direct to our US company bank account. We reserve the right to require payment of bank transfer fees, payment processing or credit card transaction fees associated with any invoice. Any costs will be advised prior to purchase at the time of invoice generation. Rates for access to premium content may change without notice. Subscriptions are for fixed periods of time e.g. 3 months, 12 months etc and do not automatically renew and will terminate at the end of the fixed period of time purchased, at which time subscribers who wish to renew will have to do so at the prevailing rate. Not all Premium Content may be available to all subscribers, we may limit access to certain categories of posts such as expert interviews, immuno-oncology posts, conference coverage or any of our back library of Premium Content depending on the level of access purchased. Premium content subscription fees are non-refundable once payment has been made. No refund will be provided in the event that the content does not meet your needs or if the wrong subscription level is purchased. We may, at our sole discretion, offer the right to upgrade to a higher level of access for an additional fee e.g. if you purchase a silver trial subscription for a quarter and wish to upgrade to an annual subscription that provides access to our back library of content. In no event will any refund be made if a gold level is purchased when in our sole discretion we consider a titanium level subscription to be appropriate and the the offer to upgrade to this is declined. No refund will be provided for the unexpired portion of any subscription that is cancelled or for any period when the subscription is not used or for any time remaining on a subscription in the event we cease to operate a paywall, cease publication or go out of business. Biotech Strategy Blog and it’s Publisher, Blue Ice Publishing LLC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to accept a new subscriber or to decline the renewal of any subscription.
  • You are Responsible for Paying any Sales, Use Tax or VAT. We do not collect any sales, use or value added tax on behalf of any jurisdiction when Premium Content is purchased. No sales or use tax is collected for any state in the United States, and we don’t collect value added tax (VAT) for any European Country. All payments made to Biotech Strategy Blog, its Publisher, Blue Ice Publishing LLC and their agents are net of any applicable sales, use or value added tax. Irrespective of how payment is made or processed or the laws, rules and regulations that apply where you live or use our content, the purchaser of Premium Content will be solely responsible for determining the amount of any sales, use or value added tax (VAT) that may be due on their purchase(s), and for reporting any tax liability and making payment, including any related penalties or interest to the relevant tax authority. In the event that you do not make payment of any required sales or use tax, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Biotech Strategy Blog, its Agents, Former Agents, Representatives, Publisher and former Publisher(s) for the payment of any sales, use, VAT, taxes, penalties, interest, attorney fees or expenses that may be incurred in the reporting, collection or payment. 
  • Bank Account Payments. A US company or organisation can pay for a corporate multi-user license by electronic payment (ACH or wire transfer) to our US company bank account. We do not accept checks for any purchase. Upon request for multi-user subscriptions we can supply an invoice with our company banking information, ABA routing number and bank information. Individual subscribers are required to purchase through the website and can download a receipt for this from within the BSB dashboard once logged in. We reserve the right to charge the cost for any incoming wire transfer fee that our bank may levy, but typically ACH payments incur no additional fees. Payments from international based companies or organisations must be made in US dollars via a US bank, and any en-route banking charges or international wire fees are the responsibility of the paying party. Care should be taken to ensure that the amount transferred will cover the amount invoiced along with any en-route banking fees or charges that may be deducted before payment reaches our bank. We reserve the right to charge for any bank fees we may incur upon receipt of the international transfer. All bank payments must be made from the company or organisation in whose name the corporate license is held. We will not accept payments from third parties on behalf of another, or from a different entity to the one holding the corporate license, with the exception of an affiliate or subsidiary of a multi-national company. No payment from a company or organisation to our company bank account establishes a vendor, supplier or independent contractor relationship. The Biotech Strategy Blog Terms of Use & Privacy Policy, exclusively apply to all purchases, and by paying any invoice, the company or organisation making payment explicitly agrees and accepts them.
  • Credit Card Payments & Chargeback Policy. Payment is made to the publisher, Blue Ice Publishing LLC and not Biotech Strategy Blog, it may be noted on your credit card statement as “Blue Ice” or “Blue Ice Publishing.” In the event that you do not recognise any credit charge from us or wish to query the amount, we expect purchasers to contact us first. One subscriber thought they had bought a yearly subscription, but in fact had only purchased a quarter. A simple exchange of emails and copy of the purchase receipt resolved this. If you put any purchase into dispute with your credit card company without contacting us first, this causes us considerable inconvenience and our relationship will suffer as a result. The forcible removal or placing on hold of funds, known as a chargeback, can take months to resolve, even if the dispute is promptly withdrawn and the error or mistake readily acknowledged by the purchaser. Any company or person that initiates a chargeback without contacting us first may not be permitted to renew their subscription or purchase again. We reserve the right to charge any fees and costs we incur associated with the resolution of this. We may also suspend access to BSB premium content pending release of funds and/or repayment of the subscription payment by the purchaser’s credit card company. If for whatever reason the chargeback is not resolved in our favour or repayment is not forthcoming, we will terminate access to BSB premium content. Placing any purchase from us into dispute with your credit company should only be considered as a last resort, we expect to be able to amicably resolve any question or concern with subscribers by phone or email. Please contact us first.
  • Only an Individual, Single Designated User License to Premium Content. Purchasing access to BSB Premium Content only grants access to one named designated user. If you are a company or organization where multiple people may wish to have access to BSB Premium Content, a corporate multi-user license will be required and each person who requires access will need to be named and granted a login ID unique to them. If you would like to discuss the pricing and availability of a multi-user or corporate/organization license, please contact us. Anyone who share access to BSB Premium Content with others or who share copies of Premium Content with non-subscribers without a valid license to do so may have their access terminated without notice or refund, and may have their renewal declined and/or have their company banned from purchasing future access. Please don’t put us in the uncomfortable position of writing to you about this or terminating your access, we do expect the professionals who read our content to be ethical and respect our business model.
  • Renewal Terms. We reserve the right to modify the renewal terms for any subscriber and reserve the right to decline the renewal of any subscription at our sole discretion. Prior purchase of a gold level subscription does not mean you automatically qualify for the same plan at time of renewal. If you are employed in industry, pharma/biotech, finance etc or work for a “for-profit” company, we now require you to purchase a titanium level or corporate subscription that allows business related-use, this applies even if you previously purchased at the gold rate, which was formerly a subscription level for personal and individual use, but is now only available to individuals working in academia and non-profit organizations. At time of renewal you need to purchase the level of subscription that is appropriate to your current situation and employment.
  • License to Share. We may offer individual subscribers, at our discretion, a license to share a number of posts within a company. The rate for this is negotiable and depends on the size of the company, number of posts and frequency of sharing. No sharing is permitted without a current license to do so and the payment of the appropriate fee. All sharing licenses are subject to audit and typically require monitoring and tracking to ensure compliance with the terms of the license.
  • Permission to Share a Copy or Post on the Web. We may offer, at our discretion, permission to share a post or make all or part of it available on a company website or the right for non-subscribers to purchase one off access. The rate for this is negotiable and depends on the amount of content to be shared, it’s distribution and in case of web posting the length of time it will be made available. In all cases copyright is retained by the Publisher of Biotech Strategy Blog, and in the cases of any web posting, full attribution and a link to the original article is required. No content can shared, distributed or posted on any site without our express permission in writing and the purchase of a license to do this.
  • Cookies may be used. Biotech Strategy Blog and its partners may use cookies that sit on your computer to deliver a personalized service. These cookies may remember and store information on how you use the blog. By subscribing to Premium Content or accessing this site, you are consenting to the use of cookies.

Privacy Policy

  • Consent to Hold Limited Personal Information. By making paying either through a third party payment processor such as Stripe or Paypal or direct to our company bank account, you give consent to hold personal and financial information necessary to process payment and/or manage your subscription access. You should consult the Stripe and Paypal privacy policies if you have any questions about how they store and use information and contact them if wish to have this information removed after purchase.
  • The Publisher of BSB does collect and store limited personal information such as name, email and purchase history in order to manage your account.
  • By subscribing to BSB Premium Content, whether done individually or on your behalf by a company purchasing a corporate license, you give your consent for this limited personal information to be stored and used for account management. Upon expiration of your subscription, unless promptly renewed, we will remove user login information from BSB, but we will retain a record off-line for accounting and business management purposes.
  • We also use an email list managed by AWeber to communicate with subscribers and others who have signed up to receive emails about new posts and information that may be of interest. The data stored by AWeber includes name and email address. They also collect data on whether an email is read and which links are clicked. We may use analytical tools within AWeber to generate reports on email campaigns. You can unsubscribe from this email list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email or we can delete you personally if you contact us.
  • Analytical information on how visitors or subscribers access and reach our site, including location, IP address, referral method and/or search terms used, together with site usage data such as what pages are viewed and for how long may also be collected and stored by third parties such as Google Analytics or Google webmaster tools. This information is not stored by us and does not identify any individuals by name. This data may also be aggregated and used by third party applications to inform us about our readership, traffic and how our site is used.
  • If you live or work in the European Union (EU) and have any questions about the personal information we collect, how we use it, or wish to know what data we have collected for you and/or request that it be removed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please contact Pieter Droppert via email: pieter AT biotechstrategyblog DOT com.

Blog Comments & Identity

  • Comments are Welcome. Short, blog comments that provide additional insight or commentary on a topic that may be of value or interest to other readers may be welcome depending if we have enabled comments on a post. Historically we offered this option, but in recent years the software required to facilitate comments has created a security risk such that we have disabled this option. We may or may not enable comments in the future, but in the event we offer this option, they are generally welcome.
  • License to use comments. By making any comment or post on this blog, you agree to automatically grant the Biotech Strategy Blog, the Publisher of the Blog and their successors with a world-wide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free license to your Content in connection with the operation of the blog and associated services. This includes, without limitation, the rights to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and transmit and reformat your Content and/or to incorporate it into a collective or derivative work.
  • Right to provide Information. By submitting a comment on this blog for publication you represent and warrant that you own the content or possess all necessary rights required to upload, input or submit the content.
  • No Impersonation or Fake Identity. In making a submission to this blog or in seeking to purchase access to Premium Content, you agree not to impersonate any other person or otherwise be misleading about your identity. We expect all purchasers of access to Premium Content to provide their real name at time of purchase, and upon request to verify their identity, employer and/or affiliation and answer any questions we may have about their intended use of BSB Premium Content. Failure to comply in a timely manner with any request may result in suspension of access to BSB Premium Content until such time as we are satisfied, in our sole determination, that we have received all the information we require. All purchasers of subscriptions for business-related use or corporate licenses are expected to use a business related email address in the name of the company or organisation.
  • No Illegal Comments or Infringement of others rights. You further agree that you will not knowingly and with intent to defraud provide misleading or false information, or that any content you submit will infringe the intellectual property rights of others or be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening or otherwise injurious or objectionable.  In the event that any comments posted on this blog violate these terms and conditions, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Biotech Strategy Blog, its agents, representatives, Publisher and former Publisher(s) from any legal claims that may result. Complaints about comments should be reported to Pieter Droppert via email: pieter AT biotechstrategyblog DOT com.
  • Comments may be refused or deleted. The Biotech Strategy Blog may moderate the comments submitted and reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse to post a comment, delete any content after it has been published or to terminate or restrict a user’s access to the blog.

Disclaimer of Warranty & Limitation of Liability

  • No Warranties. You expressly agree that you use this site at your own risk. This site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The Biotech Strategy Blog along with its Publisher, Representatives and Agents makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the site’s operation or the information, content or materials included on this site. Users are responsible for their own compliance management and due diligence, and should not rely on the accuracy of any information posted. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Biotech Strategy Blog, its Publisher, and former Publisher(s) hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. Biotech Strategy Blog and it’s current and former Publisher(s) will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of or inability to use this site or the accuracy of any information posted.

BSB does not provide Investment Advice, Investment Research or Equity Analysis

  • No Investment Advice or Investment Research. Biotech Strategy Blog does not provide investment advice, stock tips and no post is a solicitation to invest. No posts on this blog provide equity analysis or investment research. The Publisher is not an investment business and offers no investment related services. Any opinions expressed or quotes from third parties are for general information only and should not be relied upon for accuracy, completeness or lack of bias. Authors of posts and those interviewed or quoted may be employees, prior-employees, consultants, advisers or clinical investigators of companies mentioned and may hold undisclosed shares or options or have conflicts of interests that may result in bias in their analysis or opinions. Readers should consult a licensed, qualified, professional if they require investment advice, equity analysis or investment research.

Violations of Terms of Use & Blog Access

  • Access may be Blocked or Terminated and Subscriptions Declined. Biotech Strategy Blog and its Publisher may at its sole discretion, and without notice, terminate, block or restrict access to this site. In the case of violations of any of the above Terms of Use, subscriptions may be terminated without refund, and the individual and company they work for not permitted to subscribe again. We reserve the right to decline, at our sole discretion, any request to subscribe, or to decline any subscription after it has been purchased, in which event we will refund the amount paid. IP addresses will automatically be blocked for any attempt to hack the site or violation of our Terms of Use.

No Vendor Relationship from Individual Purchases

  • Purchasing a subscription to BSB, even if you use a corporate credit card or pay for it from a company bank account does not create a vendor or service provider relationship with Biotech Strategy Blog and it’s Publisher unless there is a written agreement otherwise. Biotech Strategy Blog and its Publisher reserve the right to deny access or decline subscriptions from individuals who seek to create a corporate, vendor or services relationship based on the purchase of an individual subscription.

Governing Law & Venue for Disputes

  • Laws of State of Florida apply & venue is only in Florida State Courts in Miami-Dade County. In the unlikely event of a dispute that cannot be amicably resolved, the only venue for any legal action arising from the use of Biotech Strategy Blog or this Agreement, or any dispute with the Publisher shall be the State of Florida circuit and county courts located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The laws of the State of Florida, without reference to its conflicts of laws principles, govern the use of Biotech Strategy Blog, any disputes with the Publisher and all matters related to and arising out of this Agreement.

Guidance to Consultants, PR, Communications & Media Professionals on Terms of Use

We no longer allow Consultants, Media (including Journalists & Writers), PR and Communications Agency professionals the right to purchase a subscription through the BSB website, unless with prior approval. Please contact us first to discuss how our content will be used so that we can determine the appropriate license that will required, and provide a custom quote.

Please note that unless a sharing license has been purchased, at an additional fee, no subscription to BSB Premium Content permits the sharing of any posts with clients or within any company or organisation.

If anyone who is not a subscriber wants a copy of an article they should sign-up for a subscription to premium content themselves or you should contact us for a quote as to the license fee payable to share content or purchase a single article.

You are not permitted to make PDF copies of any posts or to share PDFs with anyone, unless you have paid for a specific license to do so. Any violation of our Terms of Use may lead to a claim for a retrospective license fee, suspension or termination (without refund) of all subscriptions by company/agency staff and a prohibition on future access. 

Login information should not be shared with clients or within your company.

We are able to track usage and violations of our Terms of Use may result in cancellation of your subscription without refund. We may also ban any company found doing this from signing up again in the future and decline future subscriptions. We have banned companies from access and actively monitor all use of our content, particularly by consultants, agencies and communications professionals. Please note we take this very seriously!

Date of Last Update: October 9, 2019