Titanium -
Industry & Finance
$2500 / 1 year
Access to Premium Content for 1 year by 1 named user if you are in business, industry or finance.
Access to back library
All Conference Coverage
500+ Immuno-oncology posts
All Expert Interviews
If the subscription is paid for by a company it can be transferred in the event employee leaves or is reassigned
Commercial/business use is permitted but content cannot be shared without a share license, payment of a permissions fee or a multi-user subscription.
Questions can be answered in Reader Q&A posts
Personal Engagement
Discounted Fee for Reprints
Gold -
Academic & Non-Profit
$1500 / 1 year
Access to Premium Content for 1 year by 1 named user if you are in academia or work for a non-profit organization.
Access to back library
All Conference Coverage
500+ Immuno-oncology posts
All Expert Interviews
Subscription cannot be transferred.
This discounted rate is only available if you are in academia or work for a non profit
Silver -
$625 / 3 months Limited Access
Access to new Premium Content for 3 months from date of purchase by 1 named user.
No access to back library after 7 days prior to purchase
No access to Conference Coverage published after 7 days prior to purchase
No access to Immuno-Oncology posts published after 7 days prior to purchase
No access to Expert Interviews published after 7 days prior to purchase
Subscription cannot be transferred

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“Titanium” Rate applies if you work in Business, Industry & Finance

If you work in industry e.g. you’re employed by a Pharma/Biotech company, work in finance e.g. fund management or work in a “for-profit” business then a “titanium” subscription will be required. 

All subscriptions are for a named, “designated user.” Access cannot be shared with others, and all readers of BSB content are required to have their own individual access and login ID. If a “titanium” subscription is purchased by a company, then it can be transferred should the “designated user” leave or change roles during the subscription period.

Think about it like going to a scientific or medical conference. If you are in “industry” you typically expect to pay more for a meeting registration than if you are a researcher or someone in academia or a non-profit.

We do offer multi-user discounts for companies or organisations that have a team or group who wish to obtain access. Irrespective of the subscription level purchased, no post can be shared within a company/ organisation or with others without payment of an additional fee either in the form of a share license or a permissions fee for a reprint.

“Gold” Rate applies if you are an academic researcher or work for a non-profit organization

We do have academic researchers and medical doctors from round the world as subscribers to BSB. Not everyone can get to every meeting, and the field is moving at such a fast pace the textbooks are out of date by the time they are written, particularly in immuno-oncology. If you are in academia or work for a non-profit organization then the discounted gold rate applies. Please note we reserve the right to verify the eligibility of anyone who wishes to subscribe at the gold rate, and we do expect people to be upfront as to who they are.

Please contact us if you are in any doubt as to the subscription level applicable or if you would like a quote for a multi-user subscription or the cost to share a post or generate a reprint.

As per our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to decline any purchase at our sole discretion, or to seek additional payment if a gold level subscription instead of a titanium is purchased and proof of academic status or work for a non-profit is not provided. We do rely on people to be ethical and respect our business model.

Important note – if in Media, Comms, PR & Consulting

If you work in communications, PR, media or consulting then you need to contact us first to discuss how you will use our content, and our permission is required for any purchase.

PR & Comms: We have sadly been burnt by PR folk sharing our content widely, so if you work in communications. PR or a related agency and would like access to our content, we now require the purchase of a multi-user subscription that will cover everyone in the company.

If a PR company facilitates an interview, as a matter of routine, they will receive a courtesy copy of the related post we write.

We also offer, at our sole discretion, the ability to purchase access to an individual post. The cost depends on the nature of the post and the extent to which it will be shared.

Consulting: If you work for a consulting company and would like to have access to our content either as a resource for projects, a specific engagement or for your own education or that of a team member e.g. come up to speed on an area, we will need to discuss and understand how you will use our content, how many people within the team or company will have access to it, and what might be shared with client(s).

Media: While we are flattered that some of our media colleagues would like to purchase a subscription to help them with their coverage of conferences we attend, in the competitive media landscape that we live in, we really have no interest in having our story ideas, insights or content repurposed by other outlets, even with attribution, so this is not something we typically allow.

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