The discounted  Gold 1 year license rate – 20% off our Titanium Individual Business Rate – is only available to individuals in academia or working for non-profit organizations.

To qualify for the discounted Gold license rate, the non-profit, academia setting has to be where your main employment activity is, so if you are an MD in industry or finance who does an occasional clinic, then you would not qualify on that basis.

Please note, if you are working extensively with industry, advising companies, collaborating with a company in your research and/or have set up or are involved with spin-off companies from your research (even if still in academia and only acting as a scientific founder or advisor), then the discounted gold rate may not be applicable, and we may require you to purchase at the titanium industry/business rate.

Important – we may require you to verify your eligibility for the discounted Gold license rate. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions about whether you qualify or not.

If you do go ahead and purchase a Gold level subscription when you don’t qualify, then as you’ll read in our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate your access and if we do offer any refund it will be made less any non-refundable credit card fees.

Please do not put us in the uncomfortable position of having to write to you about this, we’d rather have a discussion upfront.

The gold license if for individual use only and no content can be shared with others or distributed by any means including email. To share any content requires the purchase of a separate sharing license, payment of a permissions fee or purchase of a multi-user subscription.

You can find more information about current rates and available subscriptions on our pricing page.

If you have a team or group who would like to read BSB, we do offer a discount for multi-user subscriptions, but please note that all subscribers to BSB have to be designated and are named users with their own individual login ID.

To complete your purchase on a mobile device (iPad/iPhone), you may need to disable any pop-up blocker in Safari or other browser. We require users to have a strong password with a minimum of 9 characters that includes a mix of numbers, symbols, capital letters and lower-case letters.

If your payment transaction is successful, you will receive instant access to BSB, and an automated email receipt from us from our payment processor, Stripe. If you don’t receive this email, then your purchase has failed for some reason. Once you have logged into BSB, you can also download a more detailed receipt.

All purchases are governed by our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy so please take a few minutes to review them prior to any purchase. 

Our policies do change over time, so please do review them even if you are renewing or have had BSB access before.

Effective November 2020: Please note that you are no longer allowed to access BSB using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that has a high risk of being used for fraudulent activity, even if you are using it legitimately, and you cannot use any VPN or Internet Service Provider (ISP) that anonymizes identity or location. To prevent fraud, we do need to be able to accurately geolocalise BSB users at time of login via their IP address and it is your responsibility to ensure we can do this. Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension of access, and may lead to termination of access without refund. Please do not purchase if you are not willing to comply with this requirement.

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