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A wet gloomy day in San Francisco was brightened up by some small biotech talks

San Francisco – The other day I mentioned that we could expect some cross pollination across several recent conferences and this latest post on Kura Oncology is one such example of that genre.

We’ve been following their story longitudinally for a while now and with a lot suddenly going on, 2020 could well turn out to be an crucial year for the company.

There is no doubt they have been pursuing a very focused precision medicine approach with tipifarnib and executing nicely on that strategy so far, but as more indications and additional pipeline agents move into the clinic do the same principles still apply?

To find out, we interviewed a couple of their senior executives and discussed both current progress as well as where they are headed…

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Lugano: This post offers a rundown and synopsis of a wide variety of lymphoma trials across different subsets coming out of the 15th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (iCML) being in Lugano, Switzerland this week.

Lugano is a glorious place to hold a meeting!

The meeting is held every two years on odd years, usually after the EHA conference.

As such, this review may well turn out to be a useful reference point for later offering background and context for the upcoming ASH meeting in December, since there will likely be additional trial updates and readouts in Orlando.

Some of the updates on the early phase 1/2 trials reference preclinical posters from old AACR meetings circa 2012–2014, which is why the Gems from the Poster Hall series can often turn out to be useful predictors of later clinical trials performance!

There’s a lot to cover and discuss this year and some intriguing developments under the radar…

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