Dr Michael Caligiuri (City of Hope)

In the first of our extended thought leader interviews relating to the latest mini-series, we explore NK cell research through the lens of one of the experts in this niche.

This one is more of a convivial fireside chat than the usual interviews where we discuss data, latest readouts, development blowouts, or clinical trials etc.

So who’s in the spotlight this time around?

It’s none other than Dr Michael Caligiuri (City of Hope) who also happens to be the current President of AACR.

What’s cool is that he has been involved in NK cell research for a couple of decades and has seen a lot of changes in that time.  He’s also an engaging and humble researcher who had some interesting perspectives on where success in the future might lie with approaches in this niche.

So grab a cup of joe and settle down to learning an intriguing story…

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