This week I was fascinated (but not surprised) to learn an interesting snippet from an article in Forbes on Hal Barron and GSK by Matthew Herper. Herper wrote:

“David Schenkein, the chief executive of Agios Pharmaceuticals, worked for Barron at Genentech. He says he’s never worked with anyone who read more of the original scientific literature on a topic before making a decision.”

This should be a given yet… not everyone does that. Dr Scheinkein (whom we interviewed here) is no slouch either, so that’s quite a compliment.  By the way, for an alternative take on the R&D update, check out John Carroll’s article on Endpoints.

Revvin’ up our understanding of the immune system

It is, however, good to see some CMOs and CSOs reading extensively in the literature themselves rather than relying on summaries from project teams, although I highly recommend they should because it’s a great way to keep the brain revved up with new developments and also understand the field more intimately.

This is also one reason why we have regular Journal Club posts on BSB – to highlight important new developments that are worthy of attention and explain why they matter.

It is encouraging that quite a few of our subscribers are c-suite execs, including CEOs, CMOs, and CSOs who often send in links to papers they are curious for an independent perspective on.

It’s time for the latest look at some key research that may have practical impacts in numerous ways…

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