Munchen – ESMO18 is finally here, sadly not at the same time as Oktoberfest!

The last time I was in Munich (for the Triple meeting in 2016 where TLRs and RIG-1 were a thing in early drug development), getting to the conference centre at Messestadt West from the Hilton was an absolute doddle – fast and efficient, as you would expect from the Germans, with only one simple change and little waiting around on chilly platforms.  Getting back in the rush hour was another matter entirely, as one was either over tired or the trains were mostly going out of town not into it, and to add insult to injury it was bitterly (freezing) cold in November.  Yes, I was on a train on the right line, but heading in the wrong direction at least once, sigh.  I blame the distorted announcements squawked in German only, apparently alerting unsuspecting punters of crucial platform changes 😉

For those of you heading to the conference centre by train/subway, look out for the red U2 line, direction Messestadt Ost at the end of the line:

En route to Messestadt Ost at the end of the red U2 line

Meanwhile, on to the crucial business matters… we usually do live running daily blogs at JPM in January and ASCO in June, where they are most popular, there’s a massive amount of news and data and thus well received.

At ESMO this year there is a tremendous amount of data to uncover, review, and discuss, so it seemed like a good opportunity to repeat the experiment, not least because there will be too much information to summarise at the end of each day, plus sleep is always a premium at cancer conferences.

This year will be jam packed with KOL interviews, trial readouts and analysis, commentary and perhaps even the occasional lighthearted whimsy… rock on!

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