AstraZeneca miss on OS in the phase 3 MYSTIC trial – what next?

Getting there… in 1L NSCLC

At one point we were posting almost quarterly updates on the runners and riders in the 1L NSCLC niche and what a roller coaster it has turned out to be!

There have been some successes, failures, and even mixed results so far, suggesting that there’s no room for complacency here.

Previously, AstraZeneca were the first to readout out on PFS in the MYSTIC trial and missed, meaning they had to go to the back of the queue and patiently await the OS data. Since then, we’ve seen several phase 3 trials from Merck, Genentech/Roche and BMS all readout without any real rhyme, reason or consistency between them.

Now AstraZeneca are back in the spotlight with a not altogether unexpected miss on median OS.

It’s easy for people to kick a dog when it’s down rather than take a moment to reflect on the deeper meaning – what does the result mean both for the company and other key players in this highly competitive landscape? What can we learn from this experience and other recent results?

To answer that, we put some insights and analysis together in our latest update on the space…

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