A new dawn or a rapid sunset for epigenetics in oncology R&D?

Epigenetic therapies have had somewhat of a chequered history in oncology R&D, but new targets are always cropping up to tempt us to look further.

One emerging target we’ve come across – this is only the fourth mention here since January 2019 – is starting to gather steam with new players entering the landscape, as well as emerging preclinical and clinical evidence suggesting it might be well worth a serious look.

Here we look at the potential role this epigenetic target may have to play in a variety of difficult to treat cancers, as well as how it could enhance existing therapies in new combination approaches.

Could we combine these inhibitors with chemotherapy, with immunotherapy or DNA repair approaches?  How does the therapeutic window stack up?

We look at the latest evidence from several sources and discuss where the opportunities might lie…

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