A modular approach to bolting on different combination partners might be useful

In this second AACR 2021 Preview, we take a broad and deep look at the KRAS niche, with respect to both molecular glues (SHP2) and covalent inhibitors (G12C, RAS::SOS1 etc).

There’s a lot to cover here in terms of basic and translational science, as well as clinical learnings and also plenty of intricate interactions coming to the fore.

Where are we going – and just as importantly – shouldn’t be going with combinations? Not all of them will work out and not all combination partners are the same, which certainly adds to the spice and interest!  There’s the additional issue of which strategies might be useful yet haven’t been considered by the KRAS players.

Every time we look at this rapidly growing niche there is something new or important to discuss…

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